Rx 2 Rock

by Joe Harvard

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A collection of Joe Harvard's recordings for tribute albums over a four year period, plus a version of "PPP" - as the song "[How I Became a] Patriotic Pseudo Pacifist" was known to fans & JH Band members. 55 numbered copies of this CD were distributed free during the Joe Harvard Band's Stone Pony set at the 2007 Asbury Music Awards to celebrate the group's nominations for Top Americana, Top Bass & Top Guitarist; they came up empty that year but bassist Jay Walker would grab Top Bass the following year & Joe took home both Top Americana & Top Multi-Instrumentalist in '09, the latter in large part for his lap steel, bouzouki & various ethnic acoustic instruments featured during JH Band sets.
Additional tracks have been added for this LP to replace the Pernice Brothers, Throwing Muses & Dinosaur, Jr. tracks that were originally included on the AMA gift version.


released November 17, 2007

All songs except "Sex Farm" were recorded by Joe at One Bedroom Studio, AKA his old fleabag apartment at 607 Fourth Ave, Asbury Park. Individual credits are listed on each song. "Sex Farm" rec at Retromedia Studios, eng by Adam & John Noll. All songs Produced by Joe H.



all rights reserved


Joe Harvard Asbury Park, New Jersey

"VU & Nico" author, producer-artist-musician
LP creds: Dinosaur, Jr, Pernice Brothers, Throwing Muses etc; spiritual midwife to tons more as co-founder/owner of Fort Apache '85-'93.
An East Bostonian based [One Banned Man, Dub Proof, Doctor Danger, Cockwalkers] in NJ & MOTH NYC Storyslam Champ '01; loves cats. Asbury Music Awards: Top Americana '09/Top Multi-Instrumentalist & Top Avant-Garde '10.
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Track Name: [How I Became a] Patriotic Pseudo-Pacifist (Rx version)
I heard a rumblin' from the middle of the road it was an all too familiar sound
I'd heard it once I'm sure many many years before when my brother went to Vietnam

CH Lookin around, they're lookin around
They're tryin to find boys to measure for a de-luxe hole in the ground

My brother Bobby was pretty wild back then
But then he was really only just a kid
The local DA said 'Now you gotta pay for all those reckless things that you did. But I'm gonna let you choose just how to pay your dues: join the army, or you can go to jail'
My momma said 'Please Judge my boy is only 17" the Judge said "Sorry ma'am, there's no in between"
It's another rich man's mess that poor boys get to clean I guess
And that's how my brother became a Marine

CH Lookin around, they're lookin around
They're tryin to find boys to measure for a de-luxe hole in the ground

My mother said: "Join anything, but don't make it the Marines! They're the first ones that they send in to fight."
My momma's eyes were moist, my brother said: "Ma I ain't got much choice, but if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it right."
It seemed all too soon his boot camp platoon was graduatin' out at Parris Island.
And as we matched them drill who knew that even sooner still, they'd be off for Vietnam by way of Thailand?
We were extra, extra proud & we cheered extra loud
But when them boys stopped marching, we got kinda silent

CH Marchin around the parade ground. They told 'em: 'Go send Charlie to a de-luxe hole in the ground'

Don't misunderstand the song my brother came home but there was somethin' wrong. Booze & pills & tears & years of domestic unhappiness. I guess he couldn't take no more, the day that I kicked down his door it looked like he was only just taking a rest.

CH They lay my brother down in a hole in the ground
They put him to rest & that's the day I became a patriotic pseudo-pacifist
They lay my brother down in a hole in the ground
We buried our best & that's the way I became a patriotic pseudo-pacifist