Hudgemabudge LP1

by Doctor Danger

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LP 1 of a DOUBLE ALBUM - this one has 'singing' while instrumentals are on LP2. Non-sectarian Garage Electronica performed by a one man band.
Album cover photo & graphics by Joe Harvard, 2015.


released April 11, 2015

Doctor Danger sings & plays bass, balalaika, bouzouki, baglama saz cumbus, electric colander, electric & acoustic guitar, foot drums, fretless guitar, Kaossilator & Kaoss pads, keyboards, lap steel, melodica, Novation Launchpad & Launchkey, loop pedals, percussion & tanbur cumbus. He uses the Ableton PUSH system to play sampled instruments including 'oud, tar, acoustic bass, cello & a number of rare & medieval instruments.
Produced & engineered by Joe Harvard at One Bedroom Studio.
A Cranial Mass production in collaboration with Mallory Massara



all rights reserved


Joe Harvard Asbury Park, New Jersey

"VU & Nico" author, producer-artist-musician
LP creds: Dinosaur, Jr, Pernice Brothers, Throwing Muses etc; spiritual midwife to tons more as co-founder/owner of Fort Apache '85-'93.
An East Bostonian based [One Banned Man, Dub Proof, Doctor Danger, Cockwalkers] in NJ & MOTH NYC Storyslam Champ '01; loves cats. Asbury Music Awards: Top Americana '09/Top Multi-Instrumentalist & Top Avant-Garde '10.
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Track Name: Deep Sh*t [It's a Shame]
Patriot Act they say it's protecting me - they said the same thing about cliterodectomy ... It's a low down, dirty shame.
Staring out the window in the middle of the night
Flashes of summer lightning
The world's in trouble we all know that, but these times you can feel it it's frightening
Right there - can you feel it? Man we're all in Deep Shit
Breathe in - can you smell it? That's the smell of Deep Shit
Have a drink. Clock that flavor? Pure & Natural Deep Shit
Go on, take a bite. Enjoy the taste of Deep Shit

Texans don't believe in global warming
"It was hot already what the frack could we be harming?"
"Why do you goddamn liberals have to be so alarming?"
"To defend from Mexicans not space rays we should be arming"
One day I fear the cowboys will all be ash farming. Ash farming. Ash farming.

.. and now a few from our readers ...
High heels giving me pain / leaving cakes out in the rain
All the broken signals when people change lanes
He can't sing he can't play so he got into the rapping game
the way she treated me bad despite the love we shared
the way she treated me unfair despite the love we had
everything is turning to shit and there's nobody to blame for it
you took my wallet you took my name, you're running in circles stand up & take the blame? Running in circles stand up & take the blame?


Patriot Act they say it's protecting me - they said the same thing about cliterodectomy ... enjoy the taste ... ash farming..
Track Name: Shut Down the F**k Barrel
Shut Down the Fuck Barrel.
We have to Shut Down the Fuck Barrel.
We've got to Shut Down the Fuck Barrel.
Please help us Shut Down the Fuck Barrel.
Track Name: LaGrange and Washington
She was a dancer the exotic type.
She liked a little gift. She loved her little pipe
He was the lonely married kind who frequented the places where a man could unwind.
A cliche college teacher who smoked a cliche pipe, and trolled the Combat Zone cheating on his cliche wife.
She was a dancer ... she was a dancer.
The girls could smell a sucker from a hundred yards away when he slid into the Intermission Lounge that day
She didn't say much. They weren't allowed to touch, and this was one time he couldn't go Dutch.
This is how it was, that was how they'd meet down by LaGrange and Washington Street
He spent the next month buying Champagne Cocktails that everybody knew were really ginger ales
Then one day she said "I think we'd have more fun if you meet me after work at LaGrange and Washington."
This was where they went, that was where they'd meet down by LaGrange and Washington Street
Nobody got rich, no one had fun, down by LaGrange & Washington
Soon he was robbing Peter so he could play ball
Nothing was left to even pay poor Mrs. Paul.
Someone's getting fat, someone will take the fall, another you and me hanging on the wrecking ball.
He'd paid her rent at her beckoning. He had given her a diamond ring. All those flowers that he had sent, still she kept him at arm's length ... soon there would be a reckoning.
Blue were the veins on the back of his hands
as he read the paper in his Chevy van
White were his knuckles where he gripped the wheel, and
Black was the rage that sealed the deal
No one got rich and no one had fun down by LaGrange & Washington
He didn't try to flee, he didn't try to run, and they found both bodies on La Grange and Washington
Track Name: Wrecking Ball [I Reckon Y'All]
Wrecking ball's going to take it all. the wrecking ball, the wrecking ball
Wrecking ball's going to take it all -- that wrecking ball, I reckon y'all.

Five colors blind the eyes of man, five notes they deafen him.
Five flavors dull the tastes and then there's sex & violence.
Wrecking ball gon' take it all, pride it comes before the fall
You think that you can keep it but you've got to give it up.

You can't keep it though you want to. You can't keep it 'cuz you want to. You can't keep it 'cuz nobody can keep it. Not even you.
Track Name: Just Talking About Love
When I met you at the club you didn't come on like a flood
You had a confidence and poise I really dug
Your eyes were soft as candlelight, we talked the whole rest of the night
Cool and cultured -- like buttermilk on ice

You know it's a funny thing
I've only seen you stuttering when we talk about love

How come you stutter when we talk I catch you looking at your watch
I'm just talking about love
There's an appointment you forgot, your doctor says you need a shot ...
I'm just talking about love.

I'm just talking about love. I ain't talking about marriage.
Just talking about love ... not needing a man.

I think that it might rain, I gotta go back home again - get my umbrella!
SAMPLES [Don't come knockin' if the band is rocking, don't come knocking at all. Boots start knocking, club starts rocking!
CHORUS, ad lib I'm just talking about love ... x3