Old & Odd: Early Stuff

by Joe Harvard

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This collection contains early tracks and oddities, mainly from Joe's early years.

Joe says: " '10,000 Mile Reggae' and 'No Need to Fight' constitute my first attempt at self-produced, self-written songs [and also at playing country rock and this relatively recent music called reggae from Jamaica] in 1979. They are, frankly, awful. But for historical purposes -- and perhaps just a bit of masochism -- I am making them available. If nothing else they indicate that despite the mediocre voice I now have, I have actually progressed greatly in terms of not singing like total crap."

The session band features several regulars from the Record Garage crew, including the "Ball Brothers"- Billy West & Tim Reagan, Tony Cozzone, RG manager, a mystery drummer & Kathy, lead singer in Lenny Dupont's group, on vocals.

Joe again: "I was 19, and by way of qualifications had written four even worse songs, 'produced' two Slow Children songs ["The Babies Go First" and "Another Girl"] in 1978 at Polytrax in Newtonville, and worked at the Record Garage, once a TV-repair-&-used record shop that had become a center for used musical instruments and underground music. The Ball Brothers were fixtures there, and Billy West ended up working there for owner Jack Griffin as well as starting the Shutdowns, a great Beach Boys cover band. That was how I discovered that in addition to playing wild guitar and doing these impressions that broke us all up when we were hanging down at the RG. Billy could sing his ass off - and he does so on 'No Need to Fight', making it perhaps the single competent feature of the recording. So does Kathy on '10,000 Mile Reggae'


released April 1, 1979



all rights reserved


Joe Harvard Asbury Park, New Jersey

"VU & Nico" author, producer-artist-musician
LP creds: Dinosaur, Jr, Pernice Brothers, Throwing Muses etc; spiritual midwife to tons more as co-founder/owner of Fort Apache '85-'93.
An East Bostonian based [One Banned Man, Dub Proof, Doctor Danger, Cockwalkers] in NJ & MOTH NYC Storyslam Champ '01; loves cats. Asbury Music Awards: Top Americana '09/Top Multi-Instrumentalist & Top Avant-Garde '10.
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Track Name: No Need to Fight
All day long and all night long we fight it out
I get mad punch the walls kick the dog you just sit and pout
I catch you sneakin' into the house every morning at 3 a.m.
I ask you real nice you say it's none of my business where you been

Go ahead do me dirt 'n treat me wrong I don't mind
I'll turn the other cheek and walk down the street
Listen real close you'll hear me singing the same old song

There's no need to fight about it, there's no need to fight
Everybody knows that two wrongs don't make a right

You say I got no education and you kick me on out of the house
But baby I'm thinking it's your intelligence that's in doubt
I's okay, I'm as smart as any PhD
I'm learning from people and that's what counts
Living a life that scholars only read

But there's no need to fight about it, there's no need to fight
Everybody knows that two wrongs don't make a right
Track Name: 10,000 Mile Reggae
please ... no! okay ... how many cliches can you identify?

I love you baby how much you don't know. I need you woman my love can only grow.
You're my woman, Jah knows you're the only one
I'm gonna drink you like a pina colada in the tropic sun

Ten thousand mile reggae, now why they wanna take my baby away?
So far away reggae, I'm gonna make my way your way someday

Hot pink lips talking on my telephone
My, my baby just look how you have grown
Nobody else could ever take your place
Every time I close my eyes I see your face