by One Banned Man

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These tracks, incomplete & unmixed as they are, all that remains of a now-lost-forever album. So I've decided to share them despite their state of incompletion & rough mix warts. The original idea was to do an LP of ALL first takes, like a live show, & record & perform it the way I work when I'm on my own time: GIGO [Garbage In, Garbage Out] i.e. incorporating snippets of sounds & dialogue, using a melange of recording techniques, improvising musically & following instinct regardless of style or any other sectarian concerns.

During the process of transferring the Korg tracks to a Macbook to begin overdubbing in December, 2013 the hard drive was accidentally reformatted & entire album [begun in June] was erased - including a library of loops created for other new songs & stored on the Korg. A nearly simultaneous disaster killed Mallory's Mac so whatever backups existed were also nuked. Hard to believe but there it is.

These rough mixes were recorded as end-of-day work references, either by sitting an iPhone in front of my amp or sending the headphone jack of the Korg into a Macbook using Audio Hijack software. They were retrieved from an iPod which survived the Xmas of Despair.


released February 20, 2013

Engineered & produced by Joe Harvard.
JH plays everything unless noted. Loops created / mutated / assembled using Garageband &/or a Vox DelayLab pedal, then recorded to a Korg D1200 Mk II. Additional instruments were added using Nuendo 2.6 on a HP laptop.

Most of the cooler melodic sounds were made using a [sadly now-broken] Roland GK2A hex pickup on an Oahu lap steel through a GK30 Guitar Synthesizer module; Joe also plays Kaoss pad, Frums [foot drums], acoustic & electronic percussion, Telecaster, Charvel Surfcaster, Ovation Celebrity el-ac, quatro, cumbus, Squire Bass, & a Yamaha Portasound 680 MIDI Music Station through a Novation Bass Station mono synth module on these tracks.



all rights reserved


Joe Harvard Asbury Park, New Jersey

"VU & Nico" author, producer-artist-musician
LP creds: Dinosaur, Jr, Pernice Brothers, Throwing Muses etc; spiritual midwife to tons more as co-founder/owner of Fort Apache '85-'93.
An East Bostonian based [One Banned Man, Dub Proof, Doctor Danger, Cockwalkers] in NJ & MOTH NYC Storyslam Champ '01; loves cats. Asbury Music Awards: Top Americana '09/Top Multi-Instrumentalist & Top Avant-Garde '10.
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Track Name: Wrecking Ball [I Reckon Y'all]
CHORUS : Wrecking ball, wrecking ball. Wrecking ball, reckons all.
Wrecking ball gonna take it all, wrecking ball. the wrecking ball
Wrecking ball's gon' take it all, wrecking ball I reckon y'all

Five colors blind the eyes of man, five notes they deafen him
Five flavors dull the taste & then there's sex and violence
Wreckin' ball's gonna take it all, pride it comes before the fall
You think that you can keep it but you got to give it up y'all.

You can't keep it tho' you want to [x2]
You can't keep it 'cuz nobody can keep it ... not even you.

Track Name: I Saw the Devil on Cookman Ave
I saw the Devil down on Cookman Ave working a job that they said that I could have
I saw the Devil wearing product in his hair. He looked so good already, man, it was hardly fair.
The Devil's looking good tonight. The Devil feels all right!
I saw the Devil down on the Boardwalk
I stopped a minute so we could have a little talk
He told me he had bought a condominium down on Cookman so all his friends could come see him.
Come on down [x4].
I saw the Devil at a Live Nation show, he said 'Ohhhh I LOVE Monopoly so!"
We take the Boardwalk you take a stroll, we'll take the donut you take the hole! [x2]
The Devil's lookin' good tonight. Halloween 2013.
What's that? All the goblins and the witches seem scared ... what's that there? What do they fear?
Three lawyers and a witch are comin', the goblins and the witches start runnin. They're running down Cookman Avenue ... three lawyers and a realtor, what to do?
I saw the Devil down on Cookman Ave. [x2]
He's got a condo there, wants you all to visit. Come on down you hear?" Way down.
Track Name: Syria This Time Pt. 1
You are a fish. Trapped in stone. Millions of years old. You know how I feel.
Fish. Stuck in stone. Millions of years old. You know how I feel.
Track Name: Syria This Time, Pt. 2
"You have deeply offended us and our God. And our God is a God of vengeance & horror. [and Action! Our God is an Indian who turns into a wolf!" - Mooninites, Aqua Teen Hunger Force